I started recording music very young, on a 4-track tape recorder my brother bought me for my eleventh birthday. I learned how to record to Digital Audio Workstations as a teen, and have been recording myself and my bands since then. More recently I have started doing some recording for friends and other bands. My set-up is digital and mobile and I am able to work quickly. I wouldn’t call myself a professional recording engineer, but having self-taught myself for over 20 years I think I know a thing or two and can get some pretty good sounds! Contact me if you’re interested in discussing recording.

Here are some samples of some music I’ve recorded recently

Freak Dream (Punk/Electronic)

Alimony (Pop Punk)

Ornery (Country/Folk)

Big EviL (Jazz/Funk)

Alien Boys (Punk/Rock)

Bad Mouth (Punk/Metal)

Lexi Marie (Folk/Rock/Pop)

Togetherness (Punk/Emo)

Sigh Down One (Rock/Shoegaze)