Other Music

In addition to original projects, I also work doing a wide variety of musical things.

Taxmen Beatles Tribute

I am in a Beatles tribute event that specializes in doing weddings, parties and other fun events. Here’s our facebook page. You can book us directly by contacting me, or via our agency.

Side-man gigs:

I do a variety of gigs as a sideman guitarist and bassist. Most often you can find me to the left of children’s entertainer Will Stroet as part of his “Backyard Band.” We do a ton of gigs every year. I’m also in some funny music videos with him.

Another gig I do regularly is as a musical director and member of the house band at Paul Anthony’s Talent Time, a local comedy and variety show! Happens the first Thursday of every month at the Rio Theatre and is always a wild time.

I’ve also filled in with bands and solo artists including Ora CoganJo Passed, Summering, Gay Nineties, Youngblood, Sigh Down OneLes Chausettes, Glad Rags, Rykka, and many others.

I’ve also been hired in the past to be a guitarist, bassist or pianist for musicals and choirs.

Event music:

I have done a variety of gigs playing music to help create a mood, such as classical guitar during wedding ceremonies, or jazz for cocktail parties. I have a network of other musicians to put together groups for these sorts of events.

Live Band Karaoke!

I have recently put together a band that does Live Band Karaoke! Our repertoire is about 40 songs so far… stay tuned for more info about this!