Original Music

The original bands I’ve been a part of tend to be based in rock music, but with varying other influences including punk, electronic, pop, jazz, and experimental music. All the music is available via Bandcamp if you’d like to support.




Freak Dream


This project started as a solo recording project and morphed into a live 2 piece band. I play or program almost all the instruments on the recordings. The music is a mix of electronic and punk. The debut album (Digital/CD) was released via Popgang Records November 2016 and the debut album was released in September 2018 by Artoffact Records. In the past two years we have played dozens of shows across Canada, the United States and Europe.


Big EviL


Two saxophones, guitar, bass and drums going wild. This band gets to do whatever it wants and always has a lot of fun doing it. Our album Applebine was released in 2016 (Digital or CD with sheet music book.) This band showcases my guitar playing. In 2017 we played a large show at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival in front of an outdoor crowd of thousands.




Math-rock and post-hardcore influences with complex song structures. My friend Eirinn writes the vocals and guitar parts in this band, I provide the bass.




Sprïng (2013-2015)

Psychedelic rock band. Released one album (Celebrations, 2014, LP/CD/Digital) and toured Canada and the US.


SSRIs (2006-2013)

Post-hardcore band. Released an album (Effeminate Godzilla Sized Windchimes, 2010, LP/CD/Digital) and two EPs (Teems, 2008,CD/Digital and Prescribing the SSRIs, 2008, Digital.) Toured across Canada 3 times as well as a bit in the US. We were featured on the front cover of the Georgia Straight.


The Rebel Spell (2003-2015, I was in the band 2010-2015)

Political punk band. I joined the band following the release of their album Beautiful Future. We toured across Canada, the United States and Europe. I helped write the band’s final album Last Run (2014, LP/CD/Digital)